We take safety very seriously! To ensure that all riders know how to follow the rules of the road and keep themselves and others safe, we encourage all riders to brush up on some basic safety tips. The videos below + a list of guidelines prepared by Camden Francis (one of our Ride Leaders) provide a solid overview of bike safety and road rules.





  1. Follow the ABCs of biking: Check the Air in your tires, Brakes, and Chain to make sure all are in working order.
  2. Wear a helmet and make sure it fits well. A rule of thumb is to tighten the strap around your chin, but leave it just loose enough so one finger fits in between your chin and the buckle.
  3. Have lights attached to the front and back of your bike (white light in front and red in the back).
  4. Follow all traffic laws while on the road and all trail etiquette when in Virginia, including:
  5. Stay to the right on the trail, unless passing someone. When you pass someone, clearly call out “On your left!” as you go by.
  6. Bike in a group, but don’t stay too close together. Leave at least one bike length in between you and the cyclist in front of you. Keeps groups to a maximum of 5 riders.
  7. Always be predictable with your movement (signal turns, call out when passing, and make turns slowly, not abruptly).
  8. This is not a race! Find a pace that’s comfortable for you, but never put others (pedestrians, cyclists, joggers) in danger on the trail by going at an unsafe speed.
  9. Bring extra granola bars, snacks, and water in case others in your group need any nourishment throughout the day.
  10. If you have it, bring a spare pump, tire levers, and tubes to help with any flats that may occur across the day.