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Base Camp

The day’s events will be centered upon our base camp overlooking the Lincoln Memorial. We will be located at the corner of Constitution Ave and Henry Bacon Drive NW.


There is limited street parking available along 21st, 22nd, and 23rd St NW. MetroBus routes 7Y, H1, and L1 make stops right by our basecamp along Constitution Ave. The closest MetroRail location is the Foggy Bottom/GWU station (Blue/Orange/Silver Line), a short 15 minute walk going south down 23rd St. NW.

The Peace Ride Route – 19 miles

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2018 One Common Unity Peace Ride Route RWGPS (2)

From our base camp, you will begin cycling along a pre-planned 19 mile loop. As you traverse the route, you will travel along the grandiose Potomac River, experience the awe-inspiring nature of Gravelly Point, ride through the beautiful Bon Air Memorial Rose Gardens, gaze upon the iconic Theodore Roosevelt Island, and return to the overlook of the auspicious gaze of Abraham Lincoln’s statue.

Once you complete your first 19 miles, you will have the opportunity to cycle the loop once more. If you are willing and able, we will challenge you to ride a third, fourth, fifth, or even sixth loop. No rider will be expected to take part in more than they feel comfortable. Once you have pushed yourself as far as you can, you will be able to return to our starting point and continue on with the Peace Ride’s programming.

Alternate Route: Hains Point – 6 miles

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2018 One Common Unity Peace Ride Route RWGPS (6 miler)

For a shorter alternative to the Peace Ride Route, we invite you to try out Hains Point Trail. It’s a beautiful 6-mile loop where you can take in the all the beautiful species of cherry trees unlike anywhere else in the park. Stroll among the blossoms while taking in spectacular views of the Potomac River, Anacostia River, and the Washington Channel. It’s a gentle, relaxing, family-friendly route.

Suggested Places to Stop and Check Out During Your Ride 

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The Lincoln Memorial

The Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial

Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial

The Thomas Jefferson Memorial

Gravelly Point Park

Busboys and Poets (Shirlington)

New District Brewing Co.

Bon Air Rose Garden

Gateway Park

Theodore Roosevelt Island